John MacDonald and Travis McGee

I was first introduced to the writing of John MacDonald by Tim Ferris. In his interview with Mike Rowe, Rowe states that MacDonald “wrote the best pulp fiction” he’s ever read. Stephen King called MacDonald “…the great entertainer of our age, and a mesmerizing storyteller.”  To Dean Koontz he was “….my favorite author of all time.” Donald Westlake referred to him as “…one of my idols.”

Bright Orange for the Shroud was my first introduction to Travis McGee.  McGee spends his time on a boat he won in a poker tournament, Busted Flush. In MacDonald’s tales, McGee helps people take back what they lost. He cons the cons, keeping 50% of what is recovered.

McGee moors his house boat in Ft. Lauderdale’s, Bahia Mar yacht basin. Florida residents will appreciate the realistic sights, sounds, places, and experiences. Published throughout the 50’s and 60’s the writing offers an interesting perspective to the historical and political background of the State, offered in MacDonald’s narratives.

Though MacDonald is,at times, verbose his prose and turns-of-phrase are unparalleled. His writing sets in you like a hooked fish and you have to read to the bitter end!



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