Why I Wrote This Book – The Unaccounted Four

I started writing 8 years ago. I was writing in the non-fiction space, for an audience of firefighters, fire inspectors, and the fire protection industry.  I have written nearly 500 blog posts and articles for this audience. I have published 2 non-fiction titles on the fire service, 1 self-help book, and edited and published a collection on finance and success . Why would I suddenly turn to fiction? More specifically, why would I write this book, The Unaccounted Four?

For fun.

I have been told by friends, counselors, and even a psychic, that I need a hobby.  The two activities I most enjoy are reading and writing.  I find the writing and publishing process to be wholly enjoyable, and a mental and emotional outlet.

As a creative exercise.

I wanted to know if if could write something that would be capable of transporting a reader to another world, for a brief period.  I wanted to exercise the art of writing characters, places, and scenes, so clearly that they could be seen by anyone (not just me). Though I enjoy the research and factual information or education that non-fiction writing produces, I wanted to know if I could write something for pure entertainment value.

To put thoughts to paper.

A few years ago I fell in love with the hard case crime series of books.  I enjoyed the characters and situations presented by authors such as Lawrence Block, Max Allan Collins, Donald Westlake, Michael Crichton, and Stephen King. Reading these stories, and framing them in my interests and experiences filled my head with story lines and characters.  Writing The Unaccounted Four was my first attempt to move these thoughts from my mind to paper.

What’s next?

I have 3 books planned through the end of 2017. Two of these will be non-fiction. The third will be fiction, a follow-up book featuring the same Alex Jackson from The Unaccounted Four.  Watch for the ‘Whats Next’ tab in the sidebar menu.  Upcoming works and writings will be featured on the ‘Whats Next’ page.


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